Tell the Productivity Police to F**K Off

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

You know that annoying nagging voice in your head saying you need to do more, or else you are a lazy fool?

Even after you had a jam packed day of work, errands, workouts, renovating a house, running a marathon, all while looking presentable and smelling like pine needles and know, the American standards of consistent overworking and burnout...

But why is that even a norm? And who the hell thought it was a good idea to instill this all work and no play mindset, to the point where by the time the weekend comes, you barely have enough energy to take a shower.

A study done this past June by CNN, proves that we live in a world where one third of Americans have not taken a vacation in over 2 years...WTF?!

People are constantly putting these pressures on themselves to be more efficient with their work and time, or adhere to unrealistic deadlines. Even worse, we compare ourselves to what others are posting on social media to justify this constant go go go mentality. The second someone posts about an accomplishment, or a DIY project, or their health journey we start judging ourselves and push ourselves to prove a point we made up in our head.

First things first...STOP COMPARING.

No one has the same experiences, perceptions, work, family, circumstances, health issues, responsibilities, etc. So this constant one upping really needs to stop, because it's a literal waste of your energy.

Just because Susan on instagram posted about how well behaved her 2 children are, and how she had a full nights sleep and made gourmet short rib sandwiches with pink cupcakes and a gingerbread house for their lunch, does not mean she's doing better than you. Behind the scenes, that all could have been a facade.

Even if it wasn't a facade, does it fucking matter? NO! It doesn't, so stop comparing and trying to prove you're better than Susan, because there are thousands of more Susan's out there that you will try to compare yourself to. You will not win the comparing game, so try to focus on yourself and what YOU need.

If you want to just take a day or a few hours to just chill, then fucking do it. You have nothing to prove, and you don't have to justify why you need time to rest. You know your body best, and if it's telling you to slow down, you need to listen.

Something I always tell people is, "you cannot continue to give, if your well is empty".

So if your well is dryer than the Sahara desert, then take some time for YOU. And if that voice starts whaling away about your to do list, just tell it to fuck off because honestly, the list will always be there, but your sanity will not if you don't give yourself the time it needs to rest.

The time we get to fully enjoy ourselves in the moment seem to be more and more inconsistent as our responsibilities continue to grow. It's time we focus more on how we can have more of those consistent moments to love the life we are living, rather than worry about how productive we are with the time we have.

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