Food for Thought on Being Authentically You

There are always going to be situations where people won't "make room for us". You know those times throughout our lives, where you felt completely isolated, or just left out. When that typically happens, we have that internal conversation with ourselves of "what's wrong with me? Am I too loud? Too quiet? Too annoying? Too nice?" And that list goes on...but you know what? Fuck that bullshit! You are perfect exactly the way you are, and you do not need to conform yourself into other's preferences.

No one on this earth can be you, and that is the point!

I've personally learned throughout my life, that the more I was myself, I lost people. People tend to be threatened by me, so I used to try to be a little bit smaller and basically be less myself, to keep people in my life. I didn't realize that when I was more myself, I actually brought in people who were more "for me". That's another point I want to make, is that everyone isn't for everyone. You're not going to be liked by everyone, just like you don't like everyone. And honestly, that is completely fine!

Just know that in being the person you came here to be, whole heartedly and unapologetically, people will leave your life who don't like it. People will be threatened by you. People will try to make you miserable. They will not enjoy you being confidently you, going after what you want in your life. They will want you to come back to their level and be miserable with them. They'll feel disappointed that you haven't stayed small with them.

They are afraid of you shining, so you would shrink for them. Once you start shining, it's like that alarm goes off where they immediately feel threatened. And you know what? Let them. Let them have their little temper tantrum, let them do whatever they're going to do, because at the end of the day, all they are doing is projecting their own jealousy and insecurity. That does not mean you have to be someone you are not, because someone else wants you to.

That's how you know who is "for you" in your life. When you have people backing you and supporting as you continue to evolve and rise. The one's who don't, well that is your cue to gradually release and the clear those relationships or energies and then allow yourself the time and space to find those who are for you.

Your other option is to keep those in your life who make you feel less than, and continue to live your life conforming yourself to their wants, needs and feelings of lack. I know it's easier said than done to let people leave our life who no longer align with who we have grown to be. We are human, any sense of change is an immediate alarm and a threat to our sense of security. But the question you shouldn't be asking yourself is "What would I be missing out on if I release these relationships." You should be asking, "What would I be missing out on if I hold onto these relationships".

You are on this earth, with a very specific job, with a very specific expression of your brilliance and your authenticity. Everything in your life, including and especially the toughest shit you've survived, have been to support what you're here to do and share with the world.

Remember that nobody can be you. Stop looking around and wishing you were one way, or trying to act and be a different way, because you are you. Imperfectly perfect, you. And that is something to celebrate.

There's nothing that's stopping you from being authentically and unapologetically you, other than you.
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