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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

You know that "Ah Ha!" feeling you get when you finally realize you need to do something, and then it just eats away at you until you do it....that's how I was feeling when I realized I should launch a website and start this blog...but took forever to do it...

I would describe myself as an onion. I'm actually quite complex and tough with so many different layers that make up the core of me.

Now, what I mean by that in simpler terms, is that there isn't one way to describe myself or what I am trying to put out into the world. Each component of me and what I am trying to do has a separate purpose, a separate meaning, and a separate background and reasoning behind it. I have always been extremely intuitive. For a large portion of my life, I felt anxious, unworthy, and disempowered. I always felt that I had to follow a specific path, align with set timelines based off of others expectations, and go against my internal compass in order to be accepted. Although no matter how hard I tried to hush that inner voice, I wasn't sure of any other way to live. I honestly felt there was something wrong with me because nothing ever felt right, and also felt that I was never enough due to my efforts in trying to be someone I was not. I lived my life for everyone else, constantly changing who I was in order to be accepted and feel "worthy".

I was just going through the motions...

I thought that I was following my heart, when in reality I was doing everything in my power to prove others wrong. I was fighting so hard, for all of the wrong reasons. Friends growing up had always told me I was never going to get anywhere in life, and that I wasn't "smart" enough to achieve my dreams. I was also told that security was the key to success, and going after your dreams and giving up that security meant you failed. I had changed my major about 5 different times to desperately find something that I was great at so I could move to a big city, find a reputable job, and prove everyone wrong and that I could "make it".

I ended up with a degree in Business, moving to NYC, and worked my way up to a Leadership role in a major agency. While this is all an accomplishment, I didn't feel accomplished.

I was operating in "just keep swimming" mode by having a "prove them wrong" mindset rather than following my intuition of what actually felt right. I was doing everything possible to avoid taking the time to listen to myself. I was working late hours, not eating enough, drinking way too much, not sleeping enough, not setting clear boundaries for myself, and just feeling like I lost myself and what my true purpose was.

And here is that "Ah Ha!" moment...

When I finally hit a breaking point, I took some real time to reflect on myself, and it was as if a light bulb went life is only MINE to live...

After some serious soul searching, and a lot of trial and error with my intuition, I found that I needed to stop ignoring my gifts, and show up every day as my most authentic, genuine, and confident version of myself. I needed to fully resolve the relationship with myself and practice what I preach to others...

Although I previously resisted my intuition to fully mature, I now made the time to allow myself to do the inner work. Throughout that process, I realized I have been the creator of everything in my life. Not only my career, relationships, and accomplishments, but also the "failures" and the not so favorable moments. All of those moments were actually lessons, and how I reacted to those lessons and learned from them, was fully my doing and in my control.

Through all of the knowledge, skill-set, and accomplishments I have made in my career, coupled with my intuitive gifts, I am confident that I can help others overcome their inner limitations. Through committing to my inner work, consistent trial and error of reprogramming my ways of thinking, choosing to trust, listen, and follow my intuition over my limiting beliefs, I have been able to take the right steps to transform my life. I'm not saying I am perfect and that I have it all figured out, because that would be naive of me. Every day will always be a new lesson, but each lesson is a step in the right direction. I just hope that what I can share, will help inspire others to start their own journey of living their life unapologetically, and finding their inner selves without letting external factors affect their happiness.

I strongly believe in community, and welcoming others in a non judgmental way to provide support regardless of what their need is specifically. And I am hoping that's what I can bring to you. A community where you feel safe enough to open up, as well as voice your opinion in a constructive way.

Whether it is through my blog, future offerings, Ebooks, events, videos etc that I share, I will cover varied topics from business, to lifestyle, to spirituality, to even cooking...

I will be sharing what I know best, in hopes that it will inspire others.

There is much more I could say, but as much as I'd love to sit here and write a novel about myself, I'll just save that for a future endeavor ;). Excited to see this community here grow!

Until next time...

- Nicole

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